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MTG Singing Contest.

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The platform offers a number of contest options to grow your skills, participate, and win prizes based on public voting.

Live Singing Contest
A competition where individuals or groups showcase their singing talent by sharing singing videos of their songs.

Education Fetaure
Education Fetaure

Speed Maths Contest
Become an exert in the Fastest Calculations without Calculator using Vedic Maths and become Math Genius

Shorts / Reels Contest Individuals or groups can create and submit short/reel videos on a given theme or topic. Participants may use a variety of video production techniques, such as filming, animation, and editing, to create their submissions.

Education Fetaure

Education Fetaure

Super Brain Contest
A contest to test students' memory power and showcase their IQ to the open world.

Education Fetaure

STEM Contest
A STEM contest is a competition that focuses on the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

Education Fetaure

Painting Contest
A painting contest where artists can showcase their artistic skills and creativity through their painting videos.